Restoring trust

Our Mission

In the global mobility industry, there’s a perception that business is led by self-referral between providers as opposed to a healthy and fair competition. As a result, quality and price criteria are often not considered when selecting a service provider.

As a consequence, a certain mistrust has developed between those buying and selling in the moving and relocation market.
Buyers end up wasting a lot of time and energy trying to control the process due to a lack of confidence in the prices or outsourcing options on offer.

But we know, there’s a better way to build business relationships based on trust and partnership.

With CONVERGO, we have built a new model where transactions between corporates, their relocation management companies (RMCs), bookers, and providers are conducted with transparency and fairness.

By doing so, we want to make the relocation market
more accessible, transparent, and foster open partnerships.

We deliver a data-driven and innovative solution to support our clients and providers in the pricing and booking process for moving and relocation services.

We bring together corporates, mobility professionals (movers, relocation consultants, bookers and, RMCs) and mobile talents around a simplified procurement experience, with full visibility of services and rates that engenders mutual trust.

Our Story

Seasoned global mobility professional themselves for many years, our founders were fed up with the way move and destination services pricing was conducted.

They lost too much time while waiting for providers’ rates proposals for days or receiving different rate formats that prevented them from comparing quotes consistently.
They recognised the needless delays in procuring relation services and shared the frustration of services providers who were constantly being asked to replicate pricing for the same kinds of assignments, time and time again.
They wanted to build a pricing management system that could satisfy everyone’s needs: keeping both – clients and providers happy!

With CONVERGO, they set out to aimed to streamline transactions, simplify documentation and provide relevant data to explain position pricespricing.
Essentially, CONVERGO has reinvented the corporate move and relocation pricing process: using objective criteria, underpinned by a sophisticated tech platform.
From its inception, CONVERGO has continuously innovated its offer to:

  • include unique competitive features
  • allow integration with other platforms for a seamless user experiences
  • provide thought leadership within the move and destination services business

All of these innovations position CONVERGO as the industry leader in pricing management platforms.

Creating an innovative solution that offers stakeholders the opportunity to CONVERGE and make a difference in the world of global mobility.

Founders and Executive Team

Maxime Boisnard




Eric Szilassy

Head of Supply Chain

Gwen Houeix

Head of Product Management

Nicolas Alliot

Chief Technology Officer

Adel Yanat

Business Development Manager

Guillaume Golfieri

Full Stack Developer

Omayma Bencherif

UX Designer