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Save your energy, we’ll take care of the pricing!

Instead of wasting time collecting prices and tracking fluctuations, empower your teams to increase assignment profitability and impact on customer satisfaction.

Gathering pricing can be a time-intensive task for mobility teams. It’s often repetitive and has a high propensity for errors to occur, due to the heavy administration required.

This laborious task takes teams away from responding to market demands quickly and efficiently. And there’s no guarantee that you can find trusted providers who are able to offer the most competitive rates.


With CONVERGO accelerate your business and optimize the work of your teams.

The fastest way to quote and book moves and destination services

Simple and comprehensive access to move and destination services pricing

Detailed budget comparisons customized to your clients’ needs

Fast estimates of mobility costs based on updated tariffs

Easy rate compilation for RFPs

Guaranteed competitive rates and quality providers  

Reliable and contractual pricing data

Expanded access to a pool of qualified and vetted providers

End-to-end management of your purchasing process from service pricing to, negotiation, and online service confirmation

Reporting analytics
and monitoring

Rating of service providers

Monitoring and reporting of activities

Auditing of service providers

Close monitoring your commercial policy



Our GOBooking tech tool enables mobility experts to get reliable quotations and easy access to booking to secure services for both moving and at destination services.


GOEstimate tool provides instantaneous cost estimates for household goods and relocation services. With just a few clicks, you can easily forecast the cost of mobility projects based on contractual tariffs with up-to-date data.


GOFreight tool enables move vendors to get the best freight rates from the market by granting them access to live sea and air freight rates. Rates are contractual and, includes names of sea lines and vessels, periods of validity, usual surcharges and, estimated port-to- port transit times.
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GOFishing tool is dedicated to buyers under the obligation to work at fixed prices. The way GOFishing works is a bit of a no-brainer.

  • Insert the maximum rates you would agree to pay, for both household goods moves and relocation services
  • Notify your audience of providers and gain their agreement
  • Book services there and then!
So what does GOFishing mean for you? No more headaches, grappling with last- minute price negotiation and, no more crazy hours spent on finding providers so you can get back to the day job!

Pricing and sourcing innovations
to win new markets

A selective platform based on performance and quality criteria
A simplified
procurement experience  
People centric and easy-to-use relocation tool
Designed by experts in the relocation industry

What you can expect from our relocation pricing management software

Save time and focus on adding value
Accelerate your operations
Be a global player in the relocation pricing activities
Benefit from good pricing practices

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