Corporate mobility and procurement professionals 

Empowering corporate mobility leaders to purchase relocation services at competitive prices

Whether you are managing mobility projects for your talent or managing bids and tenders, you can purchase all relocation services at the best rates anywhere in the world with complete peace of mind with CONVERGO. 

With the ongoing battle for top talent, international mobility creates a competitive advantage and a strong differentiation factor in attracting and retaining talent in organisations. This strategic advantage demonstrates strong investments and consequent expenses for International Mobility managers.

Purchasing relocation services is often complex due to budgets requiring control in a sector where pricing practices fluctuate and calculation methods are anything but transparent.


With CONVERGO, you will benefit from an innovative solution to source and purchase all your mobility projects.

A simplified purchasing process for rapid decision-makings

A single platform for move and destination services pricing, with a slick selection and booking process

Detailed budget comparisons integrating your mobility policies

A quick estimate of your mobility costs

Rapid compilation of a vast quantity of rates to meet the needs of competitive bids and tenders

More visibility
less complexity 

Contractual rates, in real time, to secure your budgets

Access to a directory of service providers for active monitoring and simple sourcing

End-to-end management of your purchasing processes: from pricing to negotiation and booking of services

A carbon footprint calculator to better understand carbon emissions: a crucial step in improving ecological footprint.

SLA tracking with
global service providers 

Reviews and ratings and weightings of service providers

Reporting and monitoring of your ROI with in-depth analytics

Auditing of service providers

SLA tracking, bespoke to your business needs



Our GOBooking tech tool enables corporate mobility and procurement professionals to get reliable quotations and easy access to booking to secure services for both moving and at destination. 


GOEstimate tool provides instantaneous cost estimates for household goods and relocation services. With just a few clicks, you can easily forecast the cost of mobility projects based on contractual tariffs with up-to-date data.


Our GOBooking tech tool enables corporate mobility and procurement professionals to get reliable quotations and easy access to booking to secure services for both moving and at destination.
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Relocation Auditing

All customers naturally wonder if the charges shown on services provider’s invoices are all payable. We take care of it for you by auditing invoices. Our CONVERGO team of experts have specialist business tools and proven methodologies to review all expenses related to household good moves and relocation services, ensuring accuracy, everytime.

Make your relocation pricing process great again!

Detailed budgets for more transparency
Solutions to manage your core flex and lump sum policies
Remove unnecessary layers
Healthy competition of among providers

What you can expect from our relocation pricing management software

Quick decision making backed up by verified data
Time savings
Better control and insights of the relocation market
A more simplified purchasing process

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